Best Gourmet Coffee | Made in CanadaAt Best Gourmet Coffee we have long taken pride in where our coffee is roasted. Made In Canada! We have been independently roasting coffee here in Maple Ridge B.C. for the past 23 years. All of our grocery offerings proudly display the Canadian Maple Leaf front and center.


By purchasing Best Gourmet Coffee you are supporting local businesses and neighbours as well as helping to reduce your environmental footprint.


The Best Gourmet Coffee Company provides employment for 10 to 12 people most of whom are long time employees at our roaster. Delivering our own coffee means that we meet the people who have us on their shelves. From the store manager, the clerk, to the person stocking the shelves, we have built lasting relationships with people in communities across B.C., Western Canada, and Ontario.


When you look into where the major brands coffees come from you will see that getting to your store was a long and winding road. You will find that besides from probably not being a product of Canada that their coffee has crossed the continent from their roaster in individual packages to get to your store.  All of that transportation, storage, loading and unloading of prepackaged coffee makes the major brands brew one dirty old cup of coffee!


Best Gourmet Coffee CompanyAt Best Gourmet Coffee we ship directly from our roaster to your store whenever possible using the most direct route. Because we roast and package our coffee here you can be sure that your cup was delivered in a much more environmentally friendly manner than the big coffee companies can ever do.


If you are ever in the neighbourhood, please stop by and see how we roast your coffee.



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